6th class Uniform Days

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At the beginning of October, the 6th classes did a „uniform experiment“- and wore black, white or dark blue clothing to school. This was to see how it feels to be a „British“ student- corresponding with the English topic of Schools and Education.
So what did the students think about wearing uniforms? Let’s ask them…

A Class- 

I think it was a really nice experience to wear a school uniform. OK, it wasn’t a real one, but when everybody wore the same colours, I really felt like a part of the school community. ..One drawback would be that if girls had to wear skirts in winter, because I would feel really cold!

I like to be individual, and not look the same as everybody else.

I think there are many advantages, but also disadvantages to school uniforms.
For example: For those, who don’t have enough money for expensive clothes, it’s great, because you won’t be bullied for what you are/aren’t wearing….
It’s fun to wear a school uniform for a few  days, but not every all year round.

I loved the experience of wearing a school uniform. If everybody is equal,  bullying because of clothing doesn’t become an issue. It looks so nice when everybody looks more or less the same.

The experiment was a good experience, but if I could choose, I wouldn’t like to wear a school uniform. On the one hand it’s good, because as a girl you don’t have to think about what you want to wear in the morning.

B Class- 

For me this experience was quite strange, because usually I don’t get told what to wear anywhere.

The whole class dressed in the same way so we all looked so much smarter and more like a unit.

Well..it’s easier to run away from a teacher with a uniform on in a hall full of uniformed students!

I think it seems we all look older, like adults when they go to work every day. I did not like the time where I had to wear school uniforms because I couldn’t dress the way I feel in the morning.

I would really enjoy it if there were uniforms in Austria!







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